Git yer Toon On


The Sexy Office Babes that started it all

These are the beautiful girls that started my quest. Most people equate visiting the doctor with something bad... In my case, I kind of enjoy my trips to the doctors office, not only do I get some nice drugs, but I get to look at these two beautiful girls and their sexy cleavage.

Unfortunately it was a little difficult to take these pictures with my phone and not get caught. Damn phones / digital camera's make this stupic shutter noise when they take a picture. The trick is, take a video and extract the pictures later. That way I was able to pick the best pictures of these beautiful girls and their beautiful cleavage.

You have probably noticed the faces of these beautiful girls have been cropped out, well that is because I do respect their privacy and although I have taken candid pictures of their breasts, I do not want to post their faces online without their permission. I guess you could say I am an ethical douche bag pervert.